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This moon cycle extends an invitation for us to be mindful of the sweetness in our lives. Many of us have been on a track of loss and letting go for quite a while now. Tying up loose ends will ensure we are open to accept and enjoy the party. For some, this will simply be a minor tidy up. For others, we will finally part with things that we’ve been preparing to leave behind for quite some time. Either way, we can expect to feel confident and empowered as we exercise personal sovereignty and finally get down to the business of enjoying life.

It is important for us to be aware of old energies of doubt, procrastination, guilt, etc. that may be carrying over from last cycle. We must trust our inner voice and gut feelings in order to overcome outdated ways of thinking and being. It’s time to walk away from the past and embrace the future. We know the way!

The new cycle simultaneously brings energies of endings and new beginnings. We’re realizing our power to lessen our load (or cast it aside entirely) and take initiative to look up and see new possibilities. This is the time of clarity and innovation we’ve been waiting for! Instead of choosing A or B, create and take option C.

instead of choosing a or b, create and take option c.

Considering a softer side of empowerment is essential to use this cycle’s energy for the highest good of all. We must all examine our true feelings and motivations to maintain empathy and compassion. It is vital that we take authority in our lives but with loving intentions and authenticity.

Now is the time let go of our need to know. Instead of searching for an end game or big picture, let’s just enjoy the space and freedom that has been created around us. We are in new territory, but that can be exciting if we allow it to be.

The acts of allowing and mindfulness require us to change our mode from doing to being and from thinking to feeling. Again, if there are outside forces blocking us from the sweetness of feeling alive in this moment, it’s best to make the necessary changes. Remember that change comes from our intuitive inner authority.

instead of choosing a or b, create and take option c. (1)

This moon cycle holds the lesson of rewards gained from leaps of faith. Whether we take a little hop like finally donating a pile of outgrown items or a huge bound like shifting to a completely different lifestyle, it makes little difference. It is the resulting self-confidence and lightness of spirit that is important.

Close your eyes, hold your nose shut and jump…the water’s just fine!


The Chiron Shift

Chiron Shift

In mythology Chiron is a wise oracle and teacher. In astrology, he is a celestial body that orbits the sun between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron exhibits a dualistic nature in both manifestations. As a centaur he is part horse and part man, and to scientists he is categorized as both a minor planet and a comet. Chiron is a powerful symbol for us, as we each hold both feminine and masculine energy within.

This month marked a huge astrological shift as Chiron moved from the sign of Pisces (feminine, mutable, water) to Aries (masculine, cardinal, fire). Often referred to as “The Wounded Healer,” Chiron represents what needs to be recovered, restored and mended. When in Pisces, we saw a healing of the Divine Feminine evidenced by events such as the women’s march and #metoo movement. As Chiron travels through Aries, we will witness healing of the Divine Masculine. This energy will support societal change in what is accepted from and expected of men, allowing them to embrace and express their empathic, spiritual selves.

A new cycle is upon all of us...

Traveling in an elliptical orbit, Chiron spends the most time (8-9 years) in Pisces and Aries, the last and first signs of the astrological year. This transit marks an ending and new beginning, brings the unconscious into consciousness, and links the feminine/masculine principles together bringing balance. A new cycle is upon all of us, men and women alike, as we experience awakening as spiritual beings. May we all continue to explore our Piscean depths so that we can rise to the light and share it with others as healers and medicine keepers. May we each feel empowered to walk the path of a true Aries warrior, one who fully embodies and upholds their Higher Self and truth. And so it is.


Moon Cycle Musings Spread

February 15 – March 17, 2018

This moon cycle was all about realignment.  Since the beginning of 2018, the focus has been on OUR creative force, working toward OUR full potential and fulfilling OUR life’s purpose.  Stepping into and embodying one’s personal power is a beautiful thing, but it must be balanced with stillness and maintaining connection to Spirit.  Otherwise, we may begin to feel a bit too pleased with ourselves and/or burdened with trying to orchestrate a one-person show.

When we take sole credit and responsibility for everything happening in our lives, we risk becoming bound by self-doubt and perfectionism.  We may start to wonder if we truly are the person we are trying to be and if we can ever live up to the persona we are presenting to the world.  It is this line of thinking that keeps us from truly surrendering to Spirit and living our soul purpose.Spirit through you not for you - original quoteAs this moon cycle closes, it may now occur to us that we have forgotten to truly listen to our own inner voices, and thus follow guidance from Spirit.  Instead we have been trying to fit into a mold of how the world expects someone like us or in our position to be.  In reality, those parameters are often our own perceptions and projections that cause us to force things in a direction that is often not for the highest good of all.

It is of the utmost importance to allow Spirit to work through us instead of trying to make Spirit work for us.  As a new cycle approaches, let’s allow ourselves to be tuned in, open and humble for realignment.  May an energy of healing introspection remind us that this work moves in a spiral, not as an arrow.  And so it is.Spiritual work spiral not arrow - original quote



Blog Mama Nature, Mama Nurture

As I mark the one-year anniversary of becoming a mother, I am reflecting quite a bit on the trial and error that has comprised my motherhood journey so far.  It occurs to me that some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned align with the way that Mother Nature seems to approach nurturing and sustaining life on this planet.  Here are three things I believe that we as mothers can learn by observing and emulating Her.

Reclaim your maternal truth with grace.

We are living in a society where mothers are constantly bombarded with an onslaught of conflicting information, unsolicited advice and criticism.  There were many instances over the past year when I felt inadequate, defeated or as though I had to explain or defend myself as a mother.  The times when I stepped back, followed my intuition and tuned in to what kind of mother my baby needed always proved to be the most successful and rewarding moments.

I am forever captivated by pictures of abandoned places that have been reclaimed by Nature.  Despite civilization trying to change the landscape by tearing away vegetation and imposing infrastructure, Mama Earth is ever present just waiting for the opportunity to recover her true essence and set things right.  Ultimately she is not swayed by outside expectations and ideals.  She simply allows, patiently regards them and then quietly returns to the sacred beauty of Her truth.

There is no doubt that mom shaming culture is in the business of tearing down mamas and attempts to impose the “right way” to be a parent.  As mothers we don’t have to take all of the outside noise to heart, nor do we have to add to the ruckus by trying to promote our own parenting vision.  A far better use of our time and energy is to remain focused on defining and cultivating the unique brand of mothering that best suits us and our children.  To gracefully reclaim your maternal truth is a beautiful thing!

As mothers - original quote

Allow each moment to simply be as it is.

The interesting thing about one’s maternal truth is that it is not static but alive and changing.  I can say with 100% certainty that I am not the mother today that I was one year, six months or even a week ago.  Each new day, each new challenge, each new developmental stage, etc. adds a new dimension to my view and expectations of my motherhood experience.  Gradually I am learning to go with the flow instead of fight it.

Sure we may have the fluke 80-degree day in February, but for the most part, Mother Nature allows the cycles and seasons to simply be as they are.  We see the light of day and dark of night.  We feel the heat of summer and the cold of winter.  We experience all that is in between.  A natural rhythm is played as our planet navigates Her ecliptic plane, and throughout the various changes in dynamics and tempo, Mama Earth dances to the beat.

There can be many bumps in the road of this motherhood journey.  During tough times it can be very easy to step into a space of victimhood or self-judgment, but it is important to remember that our experiences are only temporary.  Someday our little ones will be grown, and we will probably wish that we could live the ups and downs all over again.  When mothering we can choose to stay fully present and mindful in each moment, honoring it and not judging it for what it is or what it’s not.

When mothering - original quote

Trust your support system to help sustain and fulfill you.

One of the things that helps me to stay present and mindful is engaging with community.  Before becoming a mom, I almost always opted to do things for myself and by myself.  I worried about other people cramping my style and things not being done to my standards.  This mindset did not serve me very well after the baby came (it really never had), and I soon learned that asking for help and interacting with other moms was essential to my survival.

When we observe nature we don’t see a stand of trees in one area, a flock of birds in another and a swarm of insects in another.  Plants, animals, minerals, trees, the air, stones, water – all parts of Mama Earth are interconnected to share energy and nourishment.  The insects pollinate the trees, the trees provide shelter for the birds, and the birds eat the insects.  Take any of the components away, and it suddenly becomes a rather difficult and harsh existence for the rest.

In the not so distant past, members of the village worked together and supported one another to raise children.  I truly believe that the nuclear family was never meant to exist as an island.  Forming your own village of like-minded people who are interested in creating a climate of encouragement rather than competition can truly be a lifesaver.


What life lessons have you learned from Mama Nature?


Greetings from the resident hermit of The Hermit’s Handicrafts!

As my understanding of the Hermit archetype changes, I seek to fully embrace its duality…

  • I am a CHILD of Nature and MOTHER to a Little Hermit.
  • I am a CREATOR of my soul’s expression and DESTROYER of all that no longer serves me.
  • I am a STUDENT of and TEACHER to those I encounter in this lifetime.
  • I honor the PRESENT and embody the INFINITE.

Above all, I am a spiritual seeker on a pilgrimage back to my true self.

  • I look INWARD and work to reclaim my soul’s purpose for this lifetime.
  • I look OUTWARD to manifest beauty and share it with others.

01Rumi 8-17

Here at my humble hermitage, I offer respite to my fellow travelers on the Hero’s Journey.  Sit with me as I share my path of self-discovery and expression.


flickering candlelight cast upon tools of the trade and the carefully crafted.  Allow the glow to illuminate both the light and the dark.  Accept the beauty each has to offer.


songs old and new sung to honor and sweeten the acts of bringing into being and dismantling.  Starting from scratch is often a gift, no matter if we choose it or it chooses us.


sacred herbs as they are nurtured, harvested and offered.  By embracing the medicine of our plant and animal allies, we heal the Spirit around us and the Spirit within us.


the bounty of Mother Earth as it changes with the seasons.  What is sown will be harvested both literally and figuratively.  We must be mindful of how we choose to nourish ourselves – body, mind and soul.


inspired and empowered to walk your unique path.  Often there are many roads that will take us to where we are meant to go.  Step into your power and truth as you navigate your own inner and outer worlds.

And So It Is


Born and raised in the ridges and foothills of the Appalachians, the Hermit finds immeasurable solace in and inspiration from the Earth.  She views Nature’s happenings as a reflection of one’s own rhythms and is guided by the cycles of the seasons and moon.  Strongly connected to both her Celtic heritage and the Divine Feminine, the Hermit seeks to honor all that has shaped her path as she continues her inner journey workings.

The Hermit’s Handicrafts was shaped by the magic and wonder of forest and field.  Conceived in 2014, this labor of love lay dormant until the proper time to nurture and grow something new.  May this project mature and evolve, showing creative intention in all of its outer world manifestations.

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